Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Sinking of the SS Cafepress

As part of its “marketplace changes” (read: CP’s decision to exploit the shopkeepers who’ve created all the designs sold on its website), Cafepress is going to use a new algorithm.

Unfortunately for them, it won’t be of much use if CP has nothing to sell. After being abused by CP for too long, shopkeepers are mad as hell and are not gonna take it anymore. They are pulling their designs and taking them to companies whose business model doesn’t consist of screwing them.

I’m talking about thousands of people who’re not just jumping the SS Cafepress. They’re gonna help sink her.

Think of thousands of former partners who now work for the competition.
Thousands of people who’ll never again in their lives buy anything from Cafepress – and keep it (see below).
Thousands of former partners who will tell anybody who’ll hear (or read) that Cafepress sucks.
Thousands of (justifiably) furious people who could take additional steps to hurt the company, like, say, buy a product from Cafepress and then return it for no reason whatsoever (unless you call “revenge” a reason), thus making Cafepress absorb the loss of printing the product.
Thousands of people who could increase significantly CP’s advertising costs, simply by googling “Cafepress” and then clicking on Cafepress’ ad – without buying anything of course.

Not that I would ever encourage anyone to do such things, mind you. I just can imagine them doing so.

Higher costs, lower profits… What’s that noise I hear? Oh, yeah, the sinking of the SS Cafepress.

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